Message envoyé à l'Ecosystem Working Group par Luciftias Neurocam:
«Well, folks, it's been a good ride, but Terminus has run its course. Recent changes in LL taxation policy has made it impossible for our very generous host kerunix Flan to continue to offer Terminus to us.

And that's fine. We have a higher prim situation available to us at Second Nature 3. I continue to script new organisms for that ecosystem. And I've been working to bring an ecosystem to the teen grid! So the EWG is alive and kicking.

Im going to start pulling off the plug on Terminus tonight by infecting the cannon plants with a virus. Everything should come collapsing down around that. For recent large donors who answered the appeal for support....I'll be returning your lindens to you, prorated this last months rent you helped. Thanks everyone. And please join us in Second Nature 3.
Je suis triste quand même...

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